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but really though “i can’t be a kirk in this house, if you can show me I’ll stay” defines so much of his character. for jim being a kirk means fighting and fucking and abandoning up until the very end of your short life. his life has been showing sam how to stay, but sam isn’t here anymore.

I’m SO ANGRY this was taken out! This explain the goddamned changes between AOS Kirk and TOS Kirk!  TOS Kirk DID follow every rule, get good grades, and obey every order. It wasn’t until SO much later that he realized he didn’t have to. That sometime he could do better by not being who everyone told him to be. 

AOS Kirk is an angry kid who isn’t following the rules to spite. He’s trying to live up to what a Kirk is through his brother’s eyes. But he only ends up hating the name because he can never seem to be enough for it. 

TOS is James T. Kirk, passionate, but controlled, thoughtful and mature.

AOS is Jim Kirk, young, angry and living in the shadow of his own last name.

This one damned scene explains so much. This was an entirely different way of living. This isn’t just about his father dying. This is about when and how he realized he didn’t have to do the expected.

This is about WHY he became the reckless man we see in AOS. 

This one tiny scene shows us a motive for the wildness of AOS’ Jim Kirk. This takes it out of the realm of “he’s young and doesn’t understand why he has to play by the rules.” 

TOS Kirk ignores the rules because he knows they could be wrong, he knows it could make actions better.

AOS Kirk ignores the rules because he thinks he’s supposed to, he thinks it will make him better.

Should have been in the movie 😞😓

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LOL HAY GURL your post is back on my dash again.

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Video tonight!


I’m starting a YouTube Chanel about my life as a nerd:) it will feature stuff about me, conventions I attend and it will double as a review Chanel. I’d love it if you guys would ask me questions for me to answer on the video tonight :)

Not what I normally post but these fem Spock and fem Kirk cosplayers are adorable!

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My attempt to post and share more stuff

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