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contrary to the stereotype, vulcans do possess emotions; vulcan emotions are far more intense, violent, and passionate than those of many other species, including humans. [x]

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This is so cute

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What would happen if you sleep next to your superior by accident

( the first scene probably happened in an alien cave called SOMETHING IS GONNA HAPPEN HERE and about 40 weeks after the second scene they may have to raise a kid together… )

This art though

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Well here’s my face if any one wanted to see what I looked like. This account is nearing 900 followers and I’m incredibly happy!

I love this piece of art by: http://spaciousness.deviantart.com

Great style!

Some pinto for you folks

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What a spectacular piece of fan art!

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The truth of what Spock actually thought at that time.

This made me giggle a tad


не получается рисовать по челленджу каждый день. в любом случае..
4 - On a date

Such a cute picture


Im a cosplay loving, LGBT friendly, freaky kinda girl


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