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Winter is getting closer
So I feel the need to share this adorable piece of work by Nunar on Deviantart

Here is the link: http://nunar.deviantart.com

Go look at more of her artwork! It’s amazing

How I think I would react if I ever got to be on the U.S.S. Enterprise: I am ready to learn about the future and all the alien cultures. Teach me your ways.
How I would most likely react if I ever got to be on the U.S.S. Enterprise: So... Do you still have wifi...or nah? Also, can I have a phaser?


Been doing some life drawing and wanted to put it to use.

Thus, a series of 1-inch sketches featuring telepathically-hurt!Spock and a frantic Jim. :3

This is adorable

Oh my glob


➳I went to dragoncon cosplaying this kid, I met yayahan so that was bad aaa

I know this isn’t spirk

Please don’t kill me lovelys but I wanted to share my dragoncon experience


Is there an Eden?

No this is adorable

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My quote, my edit! Don’t steal please☺️


Alright guys this was my very first attempt at male makeup, my wig came In for my Kyle (from South Park) cosplay so I decided to test it out


I am so sorry this has NOTHING To do with spirk but I would really like some opinions on my first male makeup attempt!

Get over it✖️✖️


little star

So amazing~

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kissesforkirk-deactivated201409 whispered: I wrote a thing on spirk + the crew hitting on Jim until Spock gets super jealous Thought you should know (((((: 

Oh my god! link me i would love to read it darling :)


Im a cosplay loving, LGBT friendly, freaky kinda girl


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